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We appreciate you taking the time to review our website and flashlight products. This page was created in order to provide a direct source for visitors and customers to navigate to any part of our website. If you can't find what you are looking for, please go to our FAQ's or feel free to contact one of our representatives on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you determine a flashlight that fits your parameters.

Homepage: Our main landing page which covers the different products we offer as well as information about our company.

Large Forever Flashlights: Our largest model of the Forever Flashlight. This is a great size for large individuals as well as those whose jobs require a powerful and dependable LED flashlight.

Micro Forever Flashlights: Fits in your purse or pocket and packs a punch! These small flashlights are not only convenient but also bright!

Forever Flashlights III: This item, like our others, requires no battery ever and is charged by shaking the copper weight back and forth.

Forever Extreme: Our most powerful offering we have! Shines brighter than our previous models and has a "no-slip grip"!

Dynamo Edition: Our latest product we have for sale! It's unique crank style allows 1 minute of cranking to yield 45 minutes of continuous light.

EZ Crank Dynamo Edition: Our lantern that we have is crank operated with only 3 minutes of cranking yielding 20 minutes. Lantern also has a built in radio.

Frequently Asked Questions: Questions about our products and functionality. Additional information to help clarify what differentiates our flashlights.

About Us: Page is dedicated to our team and our mission in the flashlight sector.

Contact Us: Resources for visitors, customers or potential customers and how to reach our staff.

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