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Forever Flashlights never need bulbs or batteries! Just shake and produce light forever!

The Forever Flashlight uses the Faraday Principle of Electromagnetic Energy to eliminate the need for batteries. The Faraday Principle states that if an electric conductor, like copper wire, is moved through a magnetic field, electric current will be generated and flow into the conductor.

This is the principle by which the Forever Flashlight operates. In addition, Forever Flashlights use LED bulbs which are both bright and will not burn out. By shaking the Forever Flashlight back and forth for 15-30 seconds, enough electricity is generated to light the LED bulb for up to five minutes of continuous light.

The Forever Flashlight uses a super bright blue LED light that is highly visible, allowing you to see exactly what you need to see, when you need to see it.



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This is the original Forever Flashlight manufactured by Excalibur Electronics. Since its inception, others have tried to mimic the Forever Flashlight. These companies produce copycat models that look almost exactly like ours. They market their products under other catchy brand names and/or even using the phrase "Forever Flashlight" in their marketing ploys.

But the similarities stop there. You may save a couple of bucks on a copycat flashlight, but the poor performance you will get from copycat flashlights is not worth any small savings you might get. The performance of Forever Flashlight knockoffs range from almost no light produced at all, to very dim beams that burn out within seconds. Don't be fooled trying to save a buck or two!

If you are shopping around for the best price and think you've found the best deal, be sure to inquire with the company offering such a bargain and demand to know if their light is produced by Excalibur Electronics.

If you purchase a knockoff, you will soon see the light....or not!